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About Ask Malvina

Ask Malvina is a modern-focused children’s etiquette and social skills program available for schools, after-school sessions, religious institutions, groups and private workshops. Our classes are interactive, fun, and a valuable resource to combat bullying. 

Classes target children ages 3 through 12, with separate programs created for toddlers, pre-tweens, tweens and preteens. Each age-group receives content that incorporates key skills– kindness, respect, first impressions – while leveraging interests and pop-culture relevant to the age. Spiderman, Elmo, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift all help make Ask Malvina the best manners program in town.


Ask Malvina can customize programs based on the specific needs of your child/children.


  • Sample topics include:

  • Introductions Made Easy: Greetings, Handshake, First Impression

  • Friendship, Dealing with Teasing and Bullies

  • Party Time: Gifts & Guests

  • #Selfie & Social Media Rules: Taking Good Care Before You Share

  • Mealtime: More Manners, Less Madness

  • CommYOUnication skills

About Malvina

Malvina Peckerman is a Certified Children's Etiquette Coach that left the corporate world for the classroom, to help instill manners into children’s everyday lives. Her key goal is to have each child understand the importance of kindness and respect for all.  


After three-decades of work at such prestigious firms as Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan CHASE, followed by brief, but poignant, stints at New York City Board of Education and The College Board, Malvina had witnessed frequent social faux paus of adults. She wanted to take a step back and help the younger generation regain vital skills needed to succeed in a global community, namely first impressions, listening skills and poise.


While Malvina does offer table manners and mealtime essentials in her Ask Malvina program, she is a firm believer that manners have just as much to do with the smile on your face, as they do with the proper placement of your spoon on the table. 


It’s with that concept that she created Ask Malvina, to reintroduce manners and socials skills to a generation that often associates it with Downton Abbey or stuffy old ladies. Malvina wants to make manners an everyday habit in your children’s lives so that they behave in a way that demonstrates their respect for adults, other children, and, ultimately, themselves.

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