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​Recent Testimonials from our well-mannered parents!


“I have recently enrolled my daughter into Malvina's manners class, and I the result exceeded my expectations. After just several sessions, my six year old knows how to eat with knife and fork, how to introduce herself and others, and how to be tactful in difficult situations. I think that in our world of increased e-communication it is so important to teach the kids to know how to behave and interact correctly and courteously when they are face to fact to other people. It is a skill that will provide a lifetime of benefit"

- Olga G., a grateful mom


“Thank you for offering your manners program at Hebrew Language Academy. My daughter Oriana enjoyed your class very much. Everything that you taught her and her peers was very informative and interesting. I don't think there was a specific subject that she like more or less than others and I believe the program as a whole made her more aware of how she should behave and be more polite with people and her surroundings. The program has made her more responsible and more mature. She wanted me to let you know that she will miss you a lot. Thank you Malvina!"

- Ella S

"My 7-year- old daughter attended your “Manners” class (held at Master Art Studio) in Ho-Ho- Kus, NJ and I wanted say thank you. Thank you

for bringing up a necessary, but highly overlooked, topic to light and introducing it to our children in a fun and engaging environment. With

the accelerated pace of life and technology, I feel there is a degradation of basic social skills and manners. How to behave in different settings?

How to introduce yourself? How to sit and eat at the dinner table? I look forward to your future classes and to see how my daughter grows

and learns."

- Michelle F. (Upper Saddle River, NJ)

"Malvina Peckerman is a true aster of her craft. Her specialty is etiquette education. Etiquette is an essential skill often unknown and untaught to our children and occasionally adults. Malvina brings the lessons in etiquette to a classroom setting and teaches it in a fun way to engage the children's attention. Recently, we had the pleasure of having Malvina visit our children's Hebrew School class. Kids were so excited that they kept the conversation going long after the class when they got home. Thank you Malvina for being a great inspiration to our children and we hope you visit the school again soon."

- Liana B. (Montebello, NY)

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this as a personal reference for Mrs. Malvina Peckerman. She came to our school and spoke to the students about etiquette. Giving them appropriate social skills and instilling Good Manners as an essential tool for their self-confidence and success in life. I found Malvina Peckerman to be friendly, reliable, courteous and very pleasant. Our students benefitted from the time they have spent with her and the information they acquired.


Danielle Maroff

Educational Director

Congregation Shaarey Israel


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